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Axiom Foods News storiesRice Protein Purveyor Axiom Foods Reveals Reality Of Heavy Metals In Food Metals Naturally Occur In Healthy Soil. What Is Considered Toxic? (Updated since previously posted on 02/07/14) See Press Release Here >

Axiom Foods News stories
Oryzatein® becomes first Rice Protein ever to earn GRAS approval
See Press Release Here >



Axiom Foods News storiesLooking for info on heavy metals in rice protein and other plant-based foods, see our ongoing management program update and FAQs
See Press Release Here >

Axiom Foods News storiesAxiom Foods' commitment to quality: Heavy Metals occurance, absorption, vegan diets and more >

Axiom Foods News storiesOryzatein Rice Protein clinically shown as good as whey at building muscle, strength and power, plus aiding exercise recovery. See the published clinical trial ranked “Highly Accessed” as it was the most read report in the Nutrition Journal, here.


Axiom Foods News storiesAxiom has launched a new marketing program to benefit clients incorporating Oryzatein into their products. Axiom is helping educate consumers that not all rice proteins are created equal and helps differentiate products utilizing Oryzatein. Read more.

Watch the Axiom Foods Press Conference on a groundbreaking clinical study showing our Oryzatein® Rice Protein is good as Whey Protein... > More

Axiom Foods News storiesAxiom’s Incatein™ Sacha Inchi protein powder reported as the “complete package” plant protein.

Axiom Foods News stories
Recent reports from a Monmouth University study suggests that whole grain brown rice imported from Asia (especially Taiwan and China), Europe and South America are found to have high levels of lead.

At Axiom Foods we:
1. source our rice from many places around the world, including California, in order to ensure the most pure, organic rice possible, and
2. in order to sell our product in California, we test the heavy metal levels in each rice ingredient against Prop 65 standards, which are more stringent than what is set by the FDA.
What is reported to be in whole grain brown rice often does not reflect what is found in rice ingredients such as protein, milk-substitute and sugars because we are extracting just a portion from each rice kernel.

Axiom Foods News stories
Thank you Mike Adams, NaturalNews for calling attention that Axiom is one of the ONLY rice protein manufacturers not using hexane to extract our ingredients (since we opened in 2005)! He also noted that all soy protein manufacturers use hexane. For more information, including some of the many countries we source rice from and what we do to get naturally-occurring heavy metals below Prop 65 standards, Read More

Axiom Foods News stories
Brown rice protein could be the whey killer:
Q&A with David Janow

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Axiom Foods, the world’s largest and most innovative source for organic, chemical-free, hexane-free and allergen-free Oryzatein® Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, now produces an even more comprehensive line of all-natural ingredients including: VegOtein P™ (Raw Yellow Pea Protein), Incatein™ (Sacha Inchi Protein), plus a long list of other superfoods, rice varietals and more.

David Janow, Axiom’s CEO and Founder, is dedicated to starting with organically cultivating raw seeds, then adding outstanding, proprietary technology. This enables chemical-free processes that break down our plants’ individual health and formulation benefits. From seed to shelf, Janow demands multi-level quality control, resulting in the highest quality, dietary-inclusive ingredients that help you manufacture “Better for You” products benefitting all your customers. More>

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